Transatlantic Spring

I'm going abroad to study and what-not, and I wanted to keep a written/video log.

I'll be updating periodically. Enjoy!


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I apologize…

I’ve been absolutely terrible at keeping up my blog this spring.

Transatlantic Spring is going to turn into Transatlantic Summer as I continue (or rather, begin) updating everyone on my overseas adventures…. School work and weekly adventuring has kept me too busy to even put pictures on facebook, much less make movies and blog entries.

(The movies bit is really just sad, since I’ve been stuck with lots of footage and a computer that is unable to edit any of it. Next big purchase of the year is going to be a Macbook Pro…)

Maybe it’ll even be better to give this experience time to sit and mature, although I hope I don’t forget the important things! (And hey, wasn’t the Bible written a few hundred years after the events actually happened? It took them a lot longer than it’s going to take me to write a good story! :P )

Quick recap?
- I took an amazing photo class that helped me really develop as a photographer, and rather than make me reach a standstill it helped me reach a point where I really can’t wait to work and improve more.
- I realized that as much as I’m proud to be an Italian, I’m equally proud to have been also brought up in America, and be able to call myself a true New Yorker. Sometimes the mentality of Italians is so close-minded, that I’m really glad to be able to see the modern view of things. Florentines in particular…man, they’re still just basking in the glow from the Renaissance. Ok, cool, you did something awesome 600 years ago….what about now? Did you give up? Work on the future for god’s sake, or you’re going to turn into Venice. (And my opinion on Venice is that it was probably really awesome in the 1700s, but now it’s just another Disneyland.) The Italian nation is plagued by low self-esteem right now, and only a miracle can save them…but hey, in the land of the Vatican, miracles do happen, no?
(What’s with all the christian references? unusual.)
- For the first time ever I had a real (gorgeous) campus, with people roaming it that I could recognize and that were friends of mine (unlike New York, where it’s nearly impossible to run into anyone you know). It’s been a phenomenal experience, and I’m going to dearly miss it. I made some really great friends however, that I look forward to having lots of fun times with in New York, and some others which I wish I had had more time to get closer to and that I hope I’ll be able to see in New York as well.

There’s lots more of course but I need to get back to studying for my 2 finals tomorrow!
Will get on top of updating soon, I promise.

And the free years Plus account from Vimeo that I just won is going to be a great help in helping me retell my story here! (As soon as I get my hands on my bf’s Macbook Pro again….) Thanks guys! 

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