Transatlantic Spring

I'm going abroad to study and what-not, and I wanted to keep a written/video log.

I'll be updating periodically. Enjoy!


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Week 2 - Bologna

The second week flew by in an overwhelming blur. A blur in the shape of a soccer ball.
I learned the stubborn way that I don’t really like balls flying at me at high speeds. Or, rather, I’ve always loved dodgeball, so let me rephrase that:
I don’t like having to come into contact with balls that are flying at me from far away at high speeds.

Monday kicked off with my 1st soccer match of what would be a semester-long tournament. I, naturally, enthusiastically joined the fear-striking team called The Snails. I think we tied in that 1st game. It would unfortunately be our best game for the rest of the season. But we had fun, and that’s all that matters - I hope.

Fast forward to the end of the week, and my albeit early morning started with an inspirational cappuccino. I don’t know why I had agreed to be up at such an ungodly hour, but the wonderful day we got to spend in Bologna was worth it.

When we arrived, the first thing we saw in the center of town was a rather short, extremely leaning tower, and another one right next to it, almost identical, although the latter stood straight and was twice as high. It was as though back in 1009, when they started building the tower, they pulled a Leaning Tower of Pisa act, except this time they realized their mistake and abandoned ship, choosing instead to start over just a few feet away. We kept with the tradition started back in Siena of climbing the towers in these towns, which provided, yet again, a very rewarding 360 of the stunning views.

We came down and ate lots and lots of gelato, on a cone, on a brioche, with Carnival pastries, on a cone again, until we could eat gelato no more. I ran out of money, looked for a Bancomat (ATM), and took out money to buy more pastries to bring home. I dreamt of gelato that night. The end.

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